Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

At ASAP Restoration, our main focus is helping you make the trauma of a house or business fire easier to deal with. We know our customers have a lot on their mind after a fire and that’s why we always strive to make the process of fire damage restoration as simple and seamless as possible.

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company with years of experience in fire restoration serving the Phoenix area. We will effectively collaborate with your insurance company so you’ll have one less thing to worry about while your home or office is being restored.

Proper fire damage restoration not only means your home or property will be restored, but that there is a higher probability of being able to preserve and recover sentimental items. Our process of repair and restoration is state-of-the-art and proven effective.

It involves:

Removal: This is the first step in the restoration process and needs to be done right away. Our professional and experienced crews work to quickly remove fire damage before it becomes a lingering health hazard. ASAP Restoration has all the tools and equipment needed to safely and effectively remove and dispose of damage.

Repair: The second step is making sure any structural damage and health hazards are fully repaired. This means water damage from fire hoses, charred home components and other forms of contamination are addressed and expertly fixed to the highest industry standards.

Restore: By the time we are done, every sign of fire damage is eliminated and the home or business is back in pristine shape. ASAP Restoration has a flawless reputation for our work and we don’t leave a job until it meets every standard of the home or business owner.

ASAP Restoration Handles Any and All Types of Fire and Smoke Damage in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

Different types of smoke damage impact a home or business in different ways.

This means the crew you hire must be able to identify the specific damage and take the right course of action.

Wet Smoke Residues: This type of damage is always present when the fire department shows up and uses water to douse a fire. Wet smoke residues are easily absorbed in unfinished wood and fabrics. The moisture created when water mixes with toxic soot will cause significant damage and leave a strong odor.

Dry Smoke Residue: Dry smoke residue is created by fast-moving fires fed with plenty of oxygen. Dry smoke damage is typically easier to remove because it hasn’t soaked deeply into surfaces like wet smoke. The soot from a dry smoke fire is created by burned wood and other dry items.

Rubber and Plastic Smoke Damage: Residue and damage left by burning plastics and rubber can become toxic and very dangerous. These materials burn quickly and easily at lower temperatures and create heavy residues that can travel long distances. The toxic contents can cause significant damage to metals and other items.

Oven Fire Damage: Oven fires cause a distinct type of fire damage as well. In the industry, we call it protein smoke residue. This is usually present when an oven fire breaks out during the cooking of meat or poultry. Even when the damage is contained to a small area, it should always be cleaned and removed by a professional. Restoration after an oven fire requires the use of special knowledge, equipment and detergents.

Fuel Oil Soot: An oil furnace can cause damaging soot that creates a jet black, messy soot. When an oil heating system breaks down, it can cause a “puffback,” potentially covering an entire room with soot.

Physical Effects:

Only a trained, licensed and professional contractor will have the equipment and experience needed to safely and effectively repair a home or business. Just covering smoke damage or cleaning it improperly can leave you exposed to health hazards over the long term.

•Smoke can cause serious irritation and damage to eyes
•Smoke contains carbon monoxide which is extremely hazardous if inhaled, a breathing mask is essential
•Smoke damage inhalation can be a serious health risk that can permanently effect the respiratory system.
•Smoke can affect the body’s supply of oxygen
•Wood smoke can even depress the human immune system
•Long term exposure to smoke damage can pose an increased risk for cancer, lung disease, and even cardiovascular disease.
•Smoke damage exposure can cause throat and nose irritations if exposed only for a short term.

Always Call a Trusted Professional

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