Hazardous Cleaning Services 

Hazardous Cleaning Services


No one ever plans to need ASAP Restoration. Some circumstances that necessitate us are worse than others. The team at ASAP Restoration understands that and empathizes with these situations.  ASAP Restoration LLC is ready to remedy any situation that may arise from such unmentionable events. Our clients choose us for our proven expertise in providing prompt, professional, discreet cleanup services and restoring property to its original condition. At ASAP Restoration LLC, our staff of trained and qualified technicians are available to provide  the following cleaning services.

•Crime Scene Cleaning
COVID-19 Cleaning
Blood/Bodily Fluid Removal
•Unattended Death Cleanup
•MRSA Cleaning
•Biohazard Waste Removal

We are dedicated to assisting law enforcement, public service agencies and property owners/managers in restoring property that has been contaminated as a result of crime, disaster or misuse. Our staff of professional technicians are trained and to assist with trauma related incidents that involve: crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, death cleanup, unattended death or decomposition cleanup, suicide cleanup, and removal of blood and bodily fluids from an accident scene. Contact with infectious waste, biohazards, blood, bodily fluids and fecal matter can result in serious illness or death. Should you, your family or employees find yourself faced with the unfortunate task of cleaning a crime scene, trauma related scene or any other biohazard scene; please contact our certified biohazard technicians today! (602) 515-7918.

Support following a traumatic event

The Compassionate Friends


A national self-help organization to assist families in resolving grief following the death of a child. 

Hospice of the Valley


Providing support through the end of life and following the death of a loved one.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)


An organization offering assistance and support to families affected by alcohol and drunk driving. 

Alliance of Hope


The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors is an online organization that provides healing support for people coping with the shock, excruciating grief and complex emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one to suicide.

National Center for Victims of Crime


An advocacy group that provides resources and support to victims of crime. 



Terros Health is a nonprofit, behaviorally-led whole health, integrated care provider with specialization in trauma-informed mental health, physical health, addiction recovery and wellness interventions. 

Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)

1-888-818-POMC (7662)

A self-help group dedicated to helping families and friends of those who have lost their lives to violence.

University of Phoenix


Counselors are university students who have completed all of their coursework in pursuit of a master of science in counseling degree. They are supervised by licensed clinicians and are trained in various areas, including mental health, wellness, multicultural concerns and marriage and family counseling.

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