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The minerals found in Asbestos can have a severe impact on one’s health. In the recent past, Asbestos was used in building materials because of it’s heat resistant materials. In fact, many older homes still have Asbestos materials in their building structure. The problem of Asbestos exposure occurs when it is damaged, or the fibers become airborne while remodeling or demolition is being completed.

When dealing with Asbestos, the removal technicians must wear breathing masks and special suits just to handle the removal because these fibers are so harmful. If you have areas in your home or commercial property in which the Asbestos has been exposed and possibly contaminating your home. You need to get out of your home and contact ASAP Restoration, LLC. It is not a liveable condition for humans. We remove Asbestos from homes and commercial properties 24 hours a day.

The minerals in Asbestos if exposed over periods of time can cause illnesses such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. This health concern is a major reason why this material has been banned in many parts of the U.S. Asbestos is a serious health risk and must be taken very seriously if your property is contaminated.

We properly remove the Asbestos after we have done a thorough inspection and investigation of the contamination. We then isolate all contaminated areas to prevent further contamination. All contaminated areas may have to be replaced and restored. This may require some renovation and altering of the project in effort to completely restore the home or building back to its pre-loss condition.


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Phoenix Asbestos Removal Specialists at ASAP Restoration, LLC provide popcorn ceiling removal services in the Phoenix Area. It is a fact, popcorn ceilings contain Asbestos. In order to remove popcorn ceiling debris, it must be destroyed and removed properly and safely. The area where the popcorn ceiling removal is being completed must be isolated and sealed in a way as to prevent the fibers from going into the air and further contaminating the home.

There are still many properties in Arizona containing popcorn ceilings. This is a health hazard please do try this yourself or contact an unlicensed Phoenix handyman to do the job. It needs to be done by a professional with experience and one who is certified.

If this process is done incorrectly by an inexperienced person, you risk exposing them to Asbestos contamination, the contamination spreading throughout the home, and the Asbestos fibers getting into the air causing serious health hazards for you and the inhabitants of your home.

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